{Garden DIY} Invisible Trellis

If I drank as much green juice as I wanted and ate as much salad as the BF wanted, we would go through at least 28 cucumbers a week. It’s a pain to shop that much, not to mention expensive. That’s why I am so damn excited about my garden. You can see our raised garden bed here. It’s quite small. How on earth am I going to grown a boat load of cucumbers in that tiny space?

I was inspired by this post from Martha Stewart. She’s so smart. But instead of doing an invisible trellis for vines up my home. I decided to do it up the back of my fence for cucumbers. That’s right. The entire back row of our garden will be cucumbers!

I made an adjustment to Martha’s plan, and added chicken wire to the bottom of the trellis so that things are wire spaced closer together when the vines are small.

chicken wire along the back of garden box for invisible trellis
Once I stapled the chicken wire up I added eye screws to the top of the fence.
eye screws in fence post for invisible trellis
And the wove the wire through.
wire threaded through eye screws for invisible trellis
I can’t wait until my cucumbers are big enough to plant and to show you all how they grow!

xx ks

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