Grey Day

grey outfit
Grey has always been one of my favorite colors to wear. It looks good on every complexion, pairs well with anything from neons to other neutrals and best of all, it does a bang up job of hiding cat hair. Here are my favorite picks for this Spring, a grey t-shirt maxi dress, Something Else Radiant Citrine Sunnies, Jill Milan Newbury Street Portfolio, and Superga sneaks. Love it too? Find more greyspiration over here.

What’s your safe color? The one you wear when you want to feel great about yourself?

5 Responses to Grey Day

  1. I love this color! I am a maxi wearing fool! My sister wants to slap me every time I buy another one, but I just can’t help it…THEY are my safety in the spring/summer! Really, I love red & black! I feel fabulous in red!

  2. This may be a really common answer, but I wear A LOT of black – like whoa, a lot. I used to go days without wearing any other color besides blue jeans.

  3. I stick with neutrals. Grey is great and I love browns. I also wear black but not close to my face unless I have some other color there.