How To Layout and Fold a Mini-Zine

I’ve been obsessed with zines for as long and I can remember. I’ve always wanted to create one but never known what to write about. What could I create that anyone could possible want to see? Then I realized this was fear talking and I have a blog that people read so it was time to get over it. It’s taken me a bit but I finally have one mini-zine complete and another two in the works.

If the thought of creating a zine is intimidating, you must do it! Start with a mini like I did and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Wait, so what is a zine? Zine is short for magazine as you may have guessed. They are self-published, usually on a copy machine publications, made for creative expression instead of profit. Sounds like a dream right?

Grab a piece of paper and try it. Right now. Create one about the first thing that comes to mind or try one of these: toast, your dog, instructions on how to make something, a mini cookbook. Make lots of copies and give them to everyone, including me. You can download a pdf template here: mini zine template.

Want to trade zines? Hit me up at and let’s do it!


Stay tuned, I’ll post mine later. Now tell me what you are going to make a zine about in the comments.

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