How to Vomit

How-to-VomitWhen I was in high school, my debate coach introduced me to one of my favorite creativity exercises to date. She called it vomiting.

It’s not the prettiest terminology but it makes sense. I promise. The idea is that you start writing about whatever topic and just keep going. Even if you run out of things to say you just keep going. No editing, no judgement. Write for anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Even if you end up writing about how you don’t know what to write about… eventually you will get somewhere and you will have at least one fabulous sentence or idea.

The more you do it, the better it will get. The brain has an uncanny knack for just holding on to crap. The goal of vomiting for me, is to get through the crap to the good stuff. Sometimes I need to complain about the ridiculous in order to move past it.

If you get my #creativityand prompt this week and all you can think is _______. Try this technique, it will get you somewhere.

The more you do it, the easier it gets. Have you tried to before? Did you call it vomiting or do you have less disgusting name for it?

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