Denim on Denim

I’ve wanted a gigantic denim vest ever since Philip Lim debuted his convertible denim backpack/vest last year. I just feel the need to completely cover my body in denim lately. Maybe it’s nostalgia for my retail days when I relied on selling jeans to make my living, maybe I’m just nuts. Either way I’ve found some more-wallet-friendly-than-Philip-Lim options.
denim tops
On the left, we have the very sweet chambray dress from AG that just happens to be on sale, you know you want it. For winter I would pair it with sweater tights and boots. When the weather warms up, well, it’s a no brainer.

Next up, is the most epic thing I have ever seen, the Boys Don’t Cry Denim Jacket. Guys, it’s patchwork, and practically covers my entire body. We are in love. I imagine I will wear it with everything, over mini-dresses, high-waist jeans, my jammys…. Don’t buy it unless you want to be twins with me all Spring long. Not only is it straight up amazing as is, the sleeves ZIP OFF and transform it into a truly amazing denim vest. I die.

Further over on the left to right train we have a slightly less gigantic denim vest from Levi’s, would you LOOK at that wash? I love it. I am of the belief that one needs more than one gigantic denim vest. I really feel it in my heart of hearts.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the most wearable item of the collage, a chambray denim jacket from Levi’s. I dare you to pretend you wouldn’t wear this all the time. You know you would. You could wear it just like the model, over a jeans and a tee or you could wear it over a dress at a Summer wedding, to dress up your denim shorts, this list goes on.

I just need to find a couple of pairs of overalls and I’ll be all set. Now tell me, do you ever get the urge to completely cover your body in denim, or is it just me?

4 Responses to Denim on Denim

  1. I don’t think I can pull the denim-on-denim look off, but I absolutely adore that denim blazer on the bottom right.

    Denim is so expensive in Australia. Haha, I always complain about how expensive stuff is here. Maybe I should just move to the US already! But seriously, Levis are ridiculously marked up here.