I'm Really A Unicorn

You know what I love as much as cats & kittens in fashion? Unicorns!

I'm Really A Unicorn | typical house catSee what I mean? Unicorns are totally the new kittens.  I especially love the Lauren Moshi prints. And don’t worry, all of Lime Crime’s lipsticks are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Clockwise I’m Really A Unicorn Dress // Unicorn Cardboard Bust // Lauren Moshi Unicorn Sweats // Lauren Moshi Unicorn T // Unicorn Bottle Stopper // Lime Crime Lipstick in Airborne Unicorn

8 Responses to I'm Really A Unicorn

  1. LURVE unicorns so much! I had a tiny purple unicorn duffle bag purse as a kid that had an even tinier duffle bag coin purse attached! Wish I still had it.

  2. haha “unicorns are the new kitten”! Love it. I have to say that I don’t really wear shirts with designs on them. Not even cats and you know how much I love them!