{Le Jardin} Last Frost

We are building a raised bed garden! I am completely new to this and so, the BF and I, we learn as we go. We spent the entire weekend digging up a section of our lawn and building a box for fresh top soil and seeds. I woke up bright and early this morning, well 9 am is bright and early for a Sunday, to water our lawn. It was gorgeous and sunny. I inhaled the sunshine and the scent of my neighbors freshly mowed grass, and thought, surely we are rid of Winter. Surely, I am safe to plant the things that seed packets instruct me to plant after that “last frost”.

I turned on the hose and started walking back to my back yard when I realized I forgot to attach the sprinkler head. I grumbled to myself, turned the hose back off and walked over to attach it. It’s a good thing I did forget the sprinkler because look what I found.

That’s right, hose icicles! Who knew they even existed! They look like magic wands for garden fairies to bless my plants, but alas, ice is bad for veggies.

And so my dear friends, who I am hoping know more about gardening than me, how do I know when we are past the last frost? Or is it always a gamble with Utah’s bipolar weather? Do tell.

2 Responses to {Le Jardin} Last Frost

  1. You can usually assume it is safe to plant starting around Mother’s Day. You can plant seeds a little earlier though. There are also some veggies that can be planted when it’s cold (peas for example). You can always plant and cover them with plastic if it gets cold. We had to do this last year because it froze late in the year. Anyway the longer you wait the better, you always risk freezing if you get anxious and plant too early. Mother’s Day is May 13th this year, so I would plan for mid May (if you are doing starters). If you are doing seeds then I would just wait until the end of April or early May to be safe. They usually only take a week to sprout so at that point they are at risk also. I’m so excited for our garden this year, we always plant a HUGE one!

    • Awesome! Thanks for the advice. I was thinking of making a cold weather box to put over some of my stuff. Glad I started my peas yesterday!