Make Time For Fun

You know what makes me really happy? Like pee in my pants happy? Just look at it. Yup, a quartz crystal bigger than my head. Yowza.

Giant Quartz Crystal at the Natural History Museum of Utah

One thing that really stuck with me in The Happiness Project was making time for fun. As soon as I read the words, I knew I needed to do it.

When I get stressed, I cope by becoming a hermit, taking baths and reading. It helps but it means that I miss out on a lot of stuff and it has really affected my social life. This week has been sandwiched between two huge events at work but I decided that even with all the goings on at work, I was going to make time for fun. I started with a trip to the new (not so new anymore) Natural History Museum of Utah. I’ve been wanting to go FOREVER. So last weekend, even though it meant I’m behind on laundry and cleaning, I went. It was awesome. I saw the huge-ass quartz above and countless other cool things that inspire me as a wannabe jewelry designer.

Natural History Museum of Utah Pic Collage

I also went to the grand opening of Zest Kitchen and Bar. Normally it’s something I would have skipped because it was on a weeknight and right before an event. But one of my friends is a Chef there and I really wanted to show my support so sucked it up, went to the gym (remember the whole increasing energy thing?) and then headed on over. I’m so glad I did! I had an awesome raw dish that was way healthier than anything I would have made at home.

Kombucha Bomb & Stuffed Avocado at Zest SLC

Then, last night, the BF and I met one of my favorite food bloggers, Kristin from Will Travel For Vegan Food, and her mom for dinner at my all time favorite restaurants Omar’s. It was another great raw meal to reenergize my body before my event this weekend. I feel like a total nerd/stalker, I asked her to hang out via instagram. But Kristin is such an inspiration to me! I couldn’t resist asking and I’m thrilled that she accepted. She has been on a year-long road trip around the United States (and a short stint to Europe). Her goal is to eat at all of the 100% vegan restaurants in the country and she is living out a van to make it happen. I gotta tell you, I look up to her. I would love to go on the road for a year! Why don’t I? I’m a chicken. Plain and simple. I didn’t take any pics but she’ll be posting some eventually. Go check out her blog, facebook, instagram (@wtfveganfood), twitter or what have you. Whether you are vegan or not you’ve got to admire someone with passion like hers.

So would I say I’m happier after making time for fun? Like I said, I’m behind on laundry and cleaning but I’ll give it a solid yes. It needs to stay on my unofficial resolutions list.

Any fun things you’ve been putting off in favor of your to-do list?

7 Responses to Make Time For Fun

  1. I love the post. Exercise does give you energy. I’ve been trying to make Sundays fun and not finish up what didn’t get done on Saturday. I celebrated my birthday with a four museum day so I understand what fun you had at the Utah museum. Today I am celebrating the publication of my book The Mindstalker and am going to make Death by Chocolate Cake. House cleaning is high up on my list. Enjoy Sharefest.

  2. I find it hard to put fun first sometimes. It’s usually “once I get this list of to do’s done, THEN I can have fun. Like its something you earn. Forget that, eh? More fun first!