{Mani Monday} Dea by Zoya

Dea is a warm light brown with a creme finish. I like it because it is dark enough to wear in Fall and Winter but not too dark that I’m afraid to whip it out in the middle of July. Like, Christinna, Dea graced the nails on Cynthia Rowley’s runway. I’m not usually one for earth tones but with such a warm tone, Dea is anything but earthy.

Dea By Zoya brown nail polish swatch

 It is shown here on super short post-gigantic-outdoor-work-event nails and beat up hands. Next paint job will be prettier, I swear. This time I am back to my standard 2 coats of polish sandwiched between Anchor and Armor, the base and top coat made by Zoya.

I’m curious, what are your favorite cruelty-free base and top coat? Anyone use ridge-filler? I don’t but sometimes I think about trying it.

Talk to me.

3 Responses to {Mani Monday} Dea by Zoya

    • It’s a total battle. I live in my gardening gloves to try and keep them nice! Someday I will find a pair of latex-free dish-washing gloves and my cuticles will have a party they’ll be so healthy!

  1. I can’t keep polish looking nice between the dishes, crafts & misc. but, I love pretty polishes…. Thanks for your visit! If you create the modular bookcase I’d love to see how it turns out! I look forward to visiting again. Your cat is pretty we have a Siamese who we adore.