{Mani Monday} Investment Piece by Ginger + Liz

Hoorah for my first post about Ginger + Liz nail polish! If you follow me on Instagram or twitter (@MsKristiina), you saw ‘Most-Wanted’ by them last week. Every time I discover a new line of vegan-friendly nail polish I am amazed that I haven’t heard of it before but oh-so-happy to find something new. This is Investment Piece, definitely a must-have.


Investment Piece is a pinkish copper that isn’t too pink. I threw on two coats before going out Saturday night, without a base or top coat, and I am amazed with how well it has held up,still looking fab on my Monday lunch break. I will definitely be ordering more of their glitter polishes. Plus, I love that they recommend eating whole grains and veggies, beauty comes from the inside my friends.

Eat your veggies!

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