{Mani Monday} Troya by Scotch Naturals


This was my second time trying the water-based polish, Scotch Naturals. The first time I was camping {yes, I paint my nails in the wilderness}. The problem with painting them while camping is the I ended up with a good hour in-between coats. So each coat was completely dry before I could apply the next. It was fine for the base coat and color layers but the top coat didn’t seem to bind. Check their FAQ for the best way to apply the polish, it helps.

I didn’t make the mistake this time and they turned out fab in Troya. Super glossy. They call Troya, a fiery tomato creme but it was not as tomato as it appears in their photo, althought it could be because it is so glossy. I’m excited to see how it holds up now that I’m not pitching tents and cooking over a fire. I will say that so far I think this is one brand of polish that you want to make sure and use their base/top coat. I will try mixing it with another brand and update you all on how it goes.

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