Meet Click and Clack

Hello friends! Welcome to my first video appearance, I wasn’t planning on being in this video hence no make up in most of it, but these two are so special to me I was able to get over my camera fear for a second or two. Click and Clack are kitties you’ve probably seen on my instagram feed, they live in my office and are up for adoption from my day job. Click and Clack don’t show very well at adoption events so we decided an adoption video was the way to go. I would personally LOVE to adopt these two but I’m currently at my limit.

Aren’t they adorable? They are always keeping my lap warm while I’m at work or doing something insanely cute. Have you ever adopted an animal before? If so, did you go through a rescue group, or a shelter? Either way, I would like to thank you for saving a life. I’d love to hear your story in the comments below!

6 Responses to Meet Click and Clack

  1. All of my animals have been rescues. Two of them from shelters, one from a mean elderly lady who beat her with a broom. We have 6 cats and we rescued one from an orange grove (we live in Florida) and the rest we found under a sawgrass bush on our property. We think the mother was killed because they were tiny little kittens when they crawled out from under the bush. Rescue animals are so sweet! They always seem eternally grateful, to me anyway. Hope these two find a home, they’re adorable!

    • Awe, I love to hear that. I’m glad you were able to rescue so many kitties. We feed two feral colonies but they are so skittish that they prefer to stay outside and just get snack from us. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness Click and Clack! What precious babies!!! All my animals have been rescues- our first doggie was Snuffy. We found him in our yard on Christmas morning when I was about 3 or 4. He was a little white puff ball! He either ran away from a bad situation or was dumped off. He ended up getting very sick after just a short time (he was probably already sick) and didn’t make it. But he had a great last few weeks with my family and tons of love! All the dogs and cats I’ve had my entire life were either animals we found as strays/abandoned or rescued from a shelter or rescue group. We support a local rescue group called The Cat People. They don’t have a shelter but a network of foster homes and all their cats are wonderfully socialized before they are ready for adoption. We were so lucky to find out little Nathan through them and he has turned out to be the absolute light of my life. He’s the best kitty friend! 🙂 I love this post Kristiina! Thanks for letting us share too.

    • Awe, I love that name for a rescue group! Foster-based programs are a great way to go because they know the animals so well and are able to make good matches. Aren’t Click and Clack the cutest? It’s going to be a very mixed feelings day for me when they find a home but I know its for the best.

      I’m glad you liked it! Caturday is becoming my favorite day of the week.

  3. I almost didn’t recognize you in the video…your hair color is diff? Ok, I know that wasn’t the point. The video was sweet and their names are adorable. I don’t own any animals but I think it’s nice for animal lovers to consider adoptions. I’m sorry I’m really not into animals so this may seem silly but when you say adopt, is that temporary or something?nAre you not taking them on forever?

    • Hey Joi, that is a great question! Fostering is when you provide an animal from a shelter with a temporary home until it is adopted. Adopting an animal is giving the animal a forever home, it just means that you got the animal from a rescue group or shelter instead of buying from a breeder, online or a pet store. Adoption is super important to me because there are so many animals that are killed in shelters. There are plenty of homes for them but a lot of people buy them instead of adopting. Hope that makes sense!

      And I think it’s totally fine not to be an animal person, it’s better to know that about yourself than to try and get a pet and realize it doesn’t work out 🙂

      I did change my hair! I’m back to blonde with bangs, I seriously need to get a new profile pic but I’m just lazy I guess.