3 Must Have Leggings for Winter

It’s that time of year my friends, when sometimes, tights just aren’t thick enough and you are going to have to pull on some leggings. Or maybe you feel like leggings can be pants, and if they are thick enough, go for it. Here are 3 styles that will keep your legs warm and your bum covered.

3 Must Have Leggings

First, let me introduce the Blank NYC Vegan Leather Leggings, even if you aren’t vegan, you are not going to want to pay for, nor try to shimmy into actual leather. Stick with these ladies instead. Next up, we have the Splendid Heavy Weight Leggings, no bum shining through when you bend over with these, why thank you Splendid. Last but certainly not least, to keep you in the holiday spirit are the LNA Velvet Leggings. They are just begging to be tucked into some boots.

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