My Happiness Helpers

Kristiina + Trina +  MR Dannijo ring

I’ve been thinking a lot about what actually helps me feel happier when I am having a hard time. Mostly I’ve been working on improving my energy levels like I mentioned last week and I think the what I really need to do is get my workload under control. Until then, it really doesn’t matter how much green juice I chug or how positive my attitude is, the first step is really knowing my limits and setting boundaries. I’ve figured out my limits on how much work I really can do, now I need to go about setting those boundaries.

In the mean time, while I am still feeling really stressed out at work I’ve found a couple of things (many of them are thanks to you guys) that help improve my mood and energy level.

    1. Lifting others, lifts me. Taking time out of my day to do something nice for a friend or coworker or stranger really lifts my mood. The busier I am, the more it helps.
    2. Dance while you get dressed. This one comes from the lovely fashion icon Anna Dello Russo and her video for her new H&M collab where she writhes around saying “You need a fashion shower.” One of her fashion rules is “Dance while you dress, fashion loves music.” Well so does your mood! Do it. I’m not sure why I needed her to tell me to but thank you ADR!
    3. Wear at least one crazy-ass piece of jewelry a day. This might not work for everyone. But if you know me, you know I love quirky jewelry. Nothing makes me smile like seeing a huge eye-ball while I type.
    4. Coloring books relieve stress. Thank you to MisssRobin for suggesting this! It really is therapeutic.
    5. Sleep. This one is from the queen of happiness herself, Gretchen. I have been going to bed as early as 9:30 pm. This is unheard of for me. I haven’t seen a huge improvement in my energy level, but I feel at least I am learning to listen to my body.

Ring by Dannijo, tank by Velvet.


6 Responses to My Happiness Helpers

  1. Getting enough sleep – I LOVE sleep. And I rarely get what I need. But when I do, my WHOLE day changes and is the better for it. More energy, WAY more positive. Easier to say “yes” and easier to say “no”.

    Tonight it’ll be 9:30….

  2. Okay so I love #3. I’ve been thinking about “my style” a lot lately and I used to deck myself out with crazy jewelry. Somewhere along the way I stopped and I don’t know why! I always wear my wedding rings but other than that I usually only wear jewelry on the weekends. I love that you thought of this because I think I’m going to try this too! 🙂

  3. Omgeee I love this post so much! Your list is the BEST. I’m totally going to try dancing while I get dressed haha… that is one of the most interesting happiness techniques I’ve heard yet 🙂 I’m doin it.

  4. Ummm…now I gotta go pick up a coloring book! haha 🙂
    Who knew?? I guess it makes sense!

    I am SO BAD about getting sleep. The problem is that I love to stay up late and sleep in late which is not really practical since I have a boring 9-6 office job. But I do really need to work on getting more sleep.

    Oh & dancing while getting dressed? Marvelous.