My Kind of Fun

This week I am still focusing on making time for fun. One of the things that stuck out to me in The Happiness Project was when she talked about her own kind of fun, it’s event one of her Secrets of Adulthood.

Just because something was fun for someone else didn’t mean it was fun for me-and vice versa. There are many things that other people enjoy that I don’t.

For me, that means saying no to things like haunted houses and saying yes to things like DIY, taco Tuesday and hanging out with the community cats in my backyard.

If you follow my blog you have probably noticed that I am obsessed with all things jewelry-related. From wearing it to creating it, jewelry is something that really just brings me joy. I’ve been taking metalsmith classes in Ogden but it is so far away, that I haven’t actually made it to class in months. I keep trying but it’s an hour drive to and from, plus a 3 hour class which makes it a 5 hour endeavor for me to try to work into my schedule. I love doing it, it’s definitely my kind of fun, but the drive isn’t so I took some time out of my day and found a class closer to my house.

It’s really different from my previous classes at Galleon’s Gold where I started with a pure silver coin, pictured above, and melted it down, added copper to create a sterling silver ingot and from there, flattened it into sheets and made my own wire. At the new place, you start with premade bezels, wire and sheet metal. It’s funny, because I really miss preparing the metal. Don’t get me wrong, its HARD work. But it turns out, I really like hard work. So I’ll still be going to Ogden when I can but at least I have something to tide me over in between. And I’m really excited to expand what I am able to create in the realm of jewelry. I love using cord, beads and chain in my creations but it will be nice to create the elements living in my head that I can’t find in stores.

Another thing I really enjoy but haven’t made time for volunteering. I used to volunteer at a farm animal sanctuary at least once a week and I even planned a 5k/10k race for them twice! Now that I work in animal welfare, I really don’t have the energy for it. But while I was tabling trying to recruit volunteers for my job, I realized that there are plenty of non-animal places to help out. So this week I submitted applications at several places that I don’t think will contribute to the compassion fatigue I deal with at work.

Last but not least, the BF and I are getting out-of-town this weekend. We’re Denver bound for his nieces 1st birthday, it will be the 2nd time we have ever seen her so I am really looking forward to it. We see all of our other nieces and nephews pretty frequently because they all live a lot closer. Family is really important to both of us so making the extra effort for a birthday party will be completely worth it.

Are you adding any fun-for-you things to your schedule?

2 Responses to My Kind of Fun

  1. This is too cool. I hate haunted houses and have totally embraced that I’m too scared for most of Halloween festivities. I’d rather spend time DIY-ing too. Glad to hear I’m not the only one!

  2. I love this. Making time for fun – your OWN kind of fun – is so important. I often feel obligated to say yes to activities that are commonly considered fun, but things I don’t really like. I need to start saying no to those activities and YES to the things I really enjoy 🙂

    …and hanging out with the community cats?? Umm awesome!!