Toolbox, Meet My Wrist.

So simple and yet, such a statement piece, the Cartier Juste un Clou (just a nail) bracelet is kind of thing I stop and stare at. At first, I was obsessed with figuring out how I could make my own but a real nail wrapped around my wrist just wouldn’t please me the way a stunning bracelet INSPIRED by a nail would. As it falls into the category of “if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it”, I was resigned to think that nails would have stay in my dreams and in  my toolbox until I was browsing through web and found the A.L. C. Twisted Nail Cuff. It’s a much edgier version, but it’s something I could save up for and mix into a DIY stack of bracelets.Nail Braclets Cartier & A.L.C.

These nail bracelets have  got me thinking about how much I love jewelry inspired by simple every day objects. We are surrounded by nails, holding our homes, desks, the bed I’m sitting on, our world together, and yet, we never think about them. I’ve written about this before in my {Buy or DIY} posts here and here, sometimes it seems like the people at the top of the design chain might be a little inspired by all of the DIY going on, and that, makes me smile.

Is the inspiration for the next “It” piece of jewelry just laying on your counter, under your bed, or in your toolbox? What say you?


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