{obsessed} Twitter Name Plate Necklace

I think we’ll all wanted a name plate necklace at one time or another due to loving Sex and the City and Carrie’s style. I never actually got one, although I may some day if the price is right. Right now I am obsessing (yes, I actually woke up thinking about it) over the 2012 version of it. Lovlies, meet the twitter name plate necklace from Bauble Bar.

I was going to wait until mine arrived (5 weeks), but I love it so much I just couldn’t bear to wait. I’m honestly considering ordering 2, one for my personal twitter (@MsKristiina) and one for the blog’s twitter (@typicalhousecat). I think they might be cute layered, one in yellow-gold and one in rose-gold but I haven’t committed to the idea. What do you think?

xx ks

Image via here.

9 Responses to {obsessed} Twitter Name Plate Necklace

  1. love this SO MUCH!

    and PS, i’ve been dying for something in rose gold. it feels very nostalgic to me b/c my grandma has a rosegold watch and my dad’s wedding band is made of it too.