Ordinary Objects as Jewelry: Wrist Edition

Today we’re back to my favorite topic, designer jewelry inspired by ordinary objects.

Ladder Up Ladder Bracelet/Matchstick Bracelets

First we have the Ladder Up Ladder Round bracelet by Verameat, who has been a recent favorite of mine. I love this one, to me, it would be an excellent reminder to oneself of being on the up and up. Next are the Monserat De Lucca Matchsticks Bracelets that come in a set of three, I die.

Measuring Tape Bracelet/Band Aid Bracelet

TheMonserat De Lucca Measuring Tape Bracelet is another MUST for DIYers. One of my favorite pieces ever is the Band Aid Cuff by Jennifer Fisher. It also comes in a ring version. And Santa, if you are listening, please take notes.

Cast of Vices Going Home BraceletAnd last, but certainly not least, a bracelet inspired by everyone’s first piece of jewelry, the hospital wristband, is the Cast of Vices, Going Home bracelet. Love it, love it, love it, I cannot get enough of it.


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