{Packing List} Lava Hot Springs

I’m packing for Lava Hot Springs. We’re going to soak in mineral hot pools, relax, eat, drink and be merry to our hearts content. What does one wear for such an adventure? See below.

Packing List - Lava Hot Springs

Now, I don’t look nearly so serious when I wear my overalls but they are awesome over a coral bikini never the less. Sometimes I like to lay out with a cover up (see white open cardigan), because my shoulders are brown while my legs remain a nice pasty white. The cover up allows the legs to catch up a lil bit. Mine is C & C California but looks similar to the one shown above. I’ll probably be in my gold flip flops the entire time but I’m bringing my beloved Superga‘s along just in case. The jeans and t are for if we make it to Bingo, but other than that I plan on being in my bikini the entire 36 hours we are there.

There is a Thai place that’s very vegan-friendly, pray for me that they have Pho. I’ve got a craving.

Ciao dolls!

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