Style Shoot with Kiersta Rhodes & A Style Moment

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If you’ve been following me on twitter or instagram for awhile than you probably know all about my camera shyness. Point a camera and me and I immediately get extremely awkward and start sweating. It’s not pretty. Getting over my fear of cameras was actually a New Year’s resolution for me in 2011, so yeah, not doing so hot on that one. At one point I even made a goal to take one selfie a week for a year to try and get over it. I lasted two weeks. I think the first photo I posted of myself on this blog was about a year ago and they’ve been few and far between since then. For as long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve wanted to post personal style pictures, there are a couple of vegan fashion blogs out there but if they post pictures of their own outfits, I’ve never seen them. {update} That is a total lie, I just remembered that Corrie from Brooklyn Bliss does! But there is room for one more of us, no?

style shoot w/ Kiersta Rhodes and A Style MomentEnter Shaunna {from A Style Moment}, the hottie in the blue; she has known this goal of mine for a long time. We are currently in the midst of planning a super awesome collaboration between our two blogs and one of the things we needed was a picture of us together to make it happen. She pulled in her friend, professional photographer Kiersta Rhodes to get some snaps for us.

Sheer Free People Top & Zara JeansDIY Necklace & Michael Kors Watch

Guys, I cannot tell you how terrified I was. I literally asked my boyfriend to call Shaunna and tell her that I had come down with the stomach flu. That’s right, I tried to fake sick. Because that is what mature women do. Naturally he wouldn’t agree and I ended up going. I am so happy that I did. Kiersta helped me feel completely comfortable and just calm the eff down. By the end of it we were all buzzing with ideas for the next shoot.
Melissa Wedge Oxfords
I also would like to credit Kiersta for the fact that only 50% of the pictures of me at Alt Summit are completely awkward. I learned a thing or five about posing while we were working together. Kiersta does wedding photography, senior portraits, family shots and of course, fashion and editorial. She’s based in SLC but does travel to Colorado and other locals on occasion. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page or contact her at contact{at}kierstarhodesphotography{dot}com.
Style Shoot With Kiersta Rhodes & A Style Moment
Now for the outfit details. I’m wearing the Free People top I was obsessing about last year, Zara jeans, Melissa oxford wedges (similar here), a DIY necklace, and I’m borrowing Kiersta’s awesome oversized Michael Kors watch. I’ve actually asked for that watch for XMAS before. Don’t forget to head over to A Style Moment to get the details about Shaunna’s hot blue number and her faux fur jacket.

So dear friends, tell me, have you tackled a raging fear lately? Did you have any friends to help you along the way?

10 Responses to Style Shoot with Kiersta Rhodes & A Style Moment

  1. I LOVE how these pictures turned out! You look like a professional model. My sis and I just started added a little style column to my blog (with her as the model obviously), and I’m the not-so-professional photographer! Ours are definitely not turning out as great as yours due to my lack of skills, but it’s so fun non-the-less!…and you don’t seem to be awkardly giggling in all of yours like we are!

  2. Those photos look AMAZING! You have a great look for photos, get over your shyness! You could do some awesome style shoots (tripod + remote control + natural light is all you need). Of course, a talented photographer helps too, I mean, I’m here drooling over the sharpness and the light in those images, I need to check the work of Kiersta Rhodes right now.

    If you want more encouragement for taking your own pictures, just let me know. 🙂

  3. Okay here’s my list:
    1. Thanks for your honesty – I don’t “love” getting pictures taken of myself. I’ve definitely gotten over this but I still get wicked nervous..
    2. You look GORGEOUS! You are beautiful & Shaunna killed it – fierce.
    3. So excited about the collab.
    4. Love the styling.