Pie in the Sky

pie in the sky

Last Sunday’s prompt was “Pie in the Sky”. I’m not sure why but this phrase was stuck in my head so I went with it. Once, I sat down to create, I was stumped. Visions of pie floating through space with Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks. My thought process went something like this: Pie, pies are round. Sky. The sky is expansive, colorful, sometimes it looks like cotton candy.

And boom, I sat down to create a series of 10 paintings. Most of them are in this GIF. All of them were cut up to make my business cards (seen here).

I’ve had a lot of people ask for one of the mini notebooks. If you live in the US I will totally send you one (while supplies last), just email me your mailing address and put MINI ART JOURNAL in the subject line.

Next week’s prompt will be in my newsletter tomorrow so make sure you are signed up and share what you create with the hashtag #creativityand. If you still haven’t posted your entry from last week, make sure and share a link to it in the comments so that I can check it out.

Now tell me, any random phrases stuck in your head this week? And, what’s your favorite kind of pie? Mine is the chocolate silk from Cakewalk Vegan Bakery. It’s the best part of Thanksgiving for me.

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