I had such a blast at the RAW Artists Showcase last night. Let me tell you, I almost didn’t make it there. One of our dogs, Benny, has been having some pretty major health issues and they were acting up yesterday. Really bad. I felt like I should stay home with him, but at the same time, I knew there was nothing I could do for him because all of our vet appointments were today. By the time I needed to leave my house and head to the showcase to set up, he was doing a lot better.

I felt really conflicted about going but now that it’s done I’m really glad that I did. It probably doesn’t seem like it, because I have this website and my newsletter, but putting myself out there, is really hard for me. Especially putting myself out there in person. At one point in my life, I think I was an extrovert. But the older I get, the more introverted I become. Hence, the name of my old blog, Typical House Cat. I relish staying in. I thrive on alone time. The internet is the best thing for me because I can interact with people from home. Seriously, I love the internet.

Pushing myself to do a live event, was SO SO SO good for me. When I arrived at the event I felt so underprepared. There were people that had booths set up like little stores, they were amazing! And then I came rolling in with all of my stuff packed into a laundry basket. It was like the nightmare where you are at school and realize you have no pants on!

I set my stuff up, in what I thought would be the hardest spot to find and sat my butt on my chair. Because you know, people are scary. As it got closer for the event, other artists started wandering to check each other out. And you know what? They came and saw my stuff. And they were all really nice. I LIKE artists! By the time the doors opened I felt confident enough to talk to people.
paper necklaces
My husband and I had stayed up all night the night before cutting up my paintings and stitching them into booklets to use in lieu of business cards. I received such a positive response about them and the paintings I had cut up. I actually wish I had left some of them whole and brought them to show. People liked them so much, that I think I am going to cancel my business card order and get a stamp with my contact info for the inside of my booklets instead. Plus, since I have the #creativityand challenge in my newsletter, mini art journals just makes sense.
Kristiina Anderson Business Cards
Now that I’ve done a live event, I know I could do one again. Plus, I’ve learned a few things.

  • Bring a mirror for people to try things on
  • Bring a candy dish or some sort of treat to share with people
  • People love a unique business card
  • Bring things to make your booth more personal (flowers, lamps, wall hangings for the back)
  • Pictures of your is just as good and your stuff
  • Price tags!
  • Cash to make change is a good thing, not everyone lives and dies by their debit card
  • When they say bring lights, they mean lights to spotlight your stuff, not decorative lights, although those are nice too

Have you ever shown your work at a live event? Any tips?

xx Kristiina

PS that is an orange in my mouth, not horrible huge teeth

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