sacred space

Antelope Island

Did you start your art journal? I did. Then I promptly put it down and grabbed a sheet of yupo for an alcohol ink painting. You’ve already seen photos of my sacred space, The Great Salt Lake, so even though I was tempted to go out there and take new pics, I decided to go a less safe and less pretty direction.

Alcohol inks are one of my favorite mediums to work with because they are so uncontrollable. I know that it seems like a negative but for a perfectionist like me, it’s actually a good thing. They force me to let go of the end result and just play. And really that’s the point of this challenge, to play and experiment and push yourself in new directions. Maybe it will lead to something more, maybe not. This time, for me, I’m thinking not. The mountain and it’s reflection are looking a lil more like labia that I would prefer. But, I wanted to show it because perfection isn’t the point. 

The Great Salt Lake isn’t beloved by all who live in the Salt Lake Valley, but for me, it is such a place of comfort. I visit it at least twice a month. It’s just crazy to me that the entire valley used to be covered by Lake Bonneville. I could read about it for hours. The water of the lake is so still, if I focus on it, I can clear my mind. For me, that’s holy.

So far, the only other person to share their creation publicly is my husband, talk about the best valentine ever. It won’t make total sense because it’s a song and he hasn’t recorded it yet but you’ll get the gist. He’s still working on it so if I’m lucky, he’ll record it some day.


Now, if you are feeling like you want to share, you still can, just link to your creation in the comments or use the tags on social. I would absolutely love to see it.

Have you tried the prompt out? Tell me about it in the comments. And keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow because next weeks prompt is coming at you.

xx Kristiina

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