How to Live Upside Down

Yes friends, it is that time of the week, to Be Happy, Link Up and review my happiness project. Of my three resolutions for my month of All Things Creative, the one I have really been thinking a lot about is number three, head stands, or to actually makes sense, seeing things from different perspectives.

Upside Down

This week, I actually had a harder time with this than I thought. I really expected that if I had a problem and I saw it from a different perspective, the solution to said problem would come streaming into my brain like lightning, the nice kind, not the kind that kills you.

The trouble is, even when I physically move myself through a head stand, laying on the floor, working in a different space… the new perspective, just doesn’t seem to be coming. Things look pretty much the same, only upside down or to the side. My poor little literal Virgo brain is just not open and fluid like I would prefer. Blast!

And so, I am looking to those who live upside down for some guidance. I am very pleased to introduce, The Hanged Man, Bitty the bat and senior two-toed sloth. The interesting thing about these three, is that while they are all upside down, not one is actually standing on their head, rather, they are suspended by their feet. Perhaps that is my problem!

So Hanged Man, what can I learn from you? Number 12 of the Major Arcana in a tarot deck, The Hanged Man is a notoriously mysterious card. If he were to show up in a reading, his meaning might not be clear right off the bat. But traditionally, he symbolizes, letting go, reversing (had not that about that! Perhaps I should do something backwards?), suspending action and sacrificing.

Now on to the bat. Bats are really misunderstood creatures. I personally find them adorable and was thrilled to find in my photo search that there are actually bat sanctuaries. The tarot deck I actually use, features a bat as The Hanged Man, I love. The thing is I don’t know much about bats so it’s hard to learn from them. I found this fun article, 13 Incredible Bat Facts on Animal Planet, and what do you know, I found a life lesson, they are everywhere! Bats have very limited eye sight so they have to rely on their other senses to get around. True they have echolocation and I don’t, but it occurred to me how much I rely on my eye sight for inspiration. Another pathway to creativity and seeing things differently may be throwing on a blind fold and exercising my other senses for a change. I thought of this at midnight, so I am yet to try it. Stay tuned.

Oh sloth, you are such an interesting little beast. Another quick googling and I was able to find some crazy facts about sloths, see here and here. Before I get to the life lessons from sloths, I would just like to digress a moment and point out that sloths have a terrible time surviving in zoos. Read the links I posted for more info and I don’t want to go into a total rant, but zoos are actually really bad places for animals. Before you go to one, please do your research and support a sanctuary instead. I just have to mention that or my soul would die a little.

Okay so what can we learn from these fab creatures, sloths can actually move really quickly if need be, but they don’t. They only take a dump, once a week. ONCE A WEEK! My gut hurts thinking about that. They can produce offspring once a year but sometimes they don’t because it can take longer than that for a male and female to actually meet. Also, they pretty much do everything besides take dumps while hanging upside down. The life lesson here is not poop less, please poop frequently, eat veggies, make it happen.

The lesson is that it is okay to take things slow. Even The Hanged Man is saying be patient, hang out a while. And here is what I think my real problem has been, I want that lightning bolt, RIGHT NOW. But you can’t command lightning… so be patient.

Here I go, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on, doing head stands, maybe try hanging upside down (playground anyone?), explore my senses and all the while be patient about it.

If you think you want to try it with me, here is a lovely video from Lululemon on how to do a head stand. Ready, set, go!

[Photo Cred] Binky via Bat World Sanctuary (yeah, you can adopt this cutie!), Sloth via Field Museum Library

21 Responses to How to Live Upside Down

  1. Love it! I have been researching sleeping upside down lately, this is more positive reinforcement 🙂

  2. The first time I attended a yoga class (I’m NOT active or flexible in the slightest) the instructor told me to try and headstand at the end of class. I thought she was crazy but after telling me to use my elbows as anchors I got up just like that! O_O

  3. Popping back from a visit to my site. I loved doing headstands when I was younger. I might try it again in the future. My first headstands required a wall to support me.

    I am also a virgo and understand the virgo brain comment. I also love bats except when they sneak into the house. We used to always leave a window open in our bedroom. Stands of the screen kept disappearing and we thought it was a bird taking supplies for a nest. Maybe. But a bat used the hole to get into the bedroom and wasn’t able to get back out. Ahhhhh!

    Enjoy Sharefest. I will be back to see your website.

  4. […] My first thought was about my project, how I am going to be generous when I am really not in the position to buy anything but necessities? I took a deep breath and realized that this is actually an opportunity for creativity disguised as shit-ass news. (Sorry mom, I’m cutting back on the potty mouth but hopefully you get this one.) That’s right, this isn’t actual bad news, bad news would be the building blowing up and people getting hurt. See how I turned that upside-down? […]

  5. Don’t we all want it right now! Patience is the focus for 2013. Once a wk dump, funny but interesting. Take it slow! Love this. Happy SITS.

  6. I am a right-now, lightning bolt type, too. It seems silly, but my hardest work during the day is remembering to chill out. The poop thing scares me, so bowels aside, I might need to take a cue from the sloth 🙂 Happy SITS Day, lady!

  7. Seeing things from a different perspective is so thought-provoking. The challenge is getting your brain to see that different perspective. I love your 3 examples.

    Happy SITS Day! And thanks for introducing me to the Happiness Project.

  8. I love how bats eat mosquitos. I’ve been thinking about putting on some bat houses on our property. When I read your blog title I thought you had an upside down mortgage. Glad it was about other upside down things. Enjoy your SITS Day. Thanks for the interesting post.

  9. Love this and the physical and metaphorical need to see things from different perspectives. Finally, after about 10 years of yoga practice, I finally got over my inversion aversion and did my first unassisted headstand last year. Amazing. Now I love being upside down. Happy SITS Day!

  10. What a great post! I’m a firm believer in taking time to stop and reflect every once in awhile. Hanging upside down (both literally & figuratively) seems like a great way to gain perspective.

    Once a week dump though? The poor sloth doesn’t know what he’s missing!!! 😉

  11. Another Virgo here! Bats are cute… but they kinda freak me out a little. Maybe too many vampire movies??? I’ve never thought about headstands but I’ve always wanted to do backflips! Oh, and the poop situation… ouch, no bueno. 🙂