Take Five

Last weeks prompt was super hard for me. To recap from the newsletter, the prompt was to listen to Take Five by Dave Brubeck with your eyes closed and your sketchbook or journal in hand. Then when it’s over, open your eyes and go… create!

This method usually works extremely well for me with classical or jazz music. This time was tough. I think it was because Take Five is pretty much my all time favorite song. I was pretty sure he wrote it about me, you know, before I was born. I looked it up and the rhythm is actually inspired by something pretty unexpected, which I won’t tell you. Because, when I sat down to do the exercise, nothing fresh came. The only thing I could think about it what actually inspired the rhythm of the song.

Lesson learned. With this exercise you need to use shuffle, the radio or have a stranger pick the song for you.

How did it go for you? Did you love the song as much as me?

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