Thankful for Thanksgiving

I do apologize but the regularly scheduled be happy link up post update on my happiness project resolutions has been postponed in favor of a more timely happiness story. Enter, what I am thankful for. It’s probably weird for a vegan to say that one of the things they are most thankful for is Thanksgiving. After all, today is a day that leads to the slaughter of so many adorable Turkeys. But it does give us vegans a reason to congregate for a big meal, we often group in batches of friends in order to avoid a meal with a carcass steaming in the middle of the table. (Thank you Mama, for making me a GF & vegan meal today!)

Three years ago my parents were remodeling their kitchen over the holidays so they were only serving dessert and I went to a friend’s house for a vegan dinner of Tofurkey and such (this was pre-GF life). Looking back it was all really serendipitous. I could have gone to a guy’s home that I was dating but I preferred to hang out with my friends that day for some reason.

Meanwhile, little to my knowledge, the handsomest guy in the world had seen pictures of me on Facebook at a local fundraiser with a mutual friend and added me. He surmised that I would be at her house for Thanksgiving and planned to bring the stuffing.

I arrived with my horrible pie, helped set the table and we all proceeded to wait for some guy, Bryan, who was bringing the stuffing. And boy did we wait. He was at least an hour late and we were all majorly annoyed. And then, he showed up with not stuffing but all of the ingredients for stuffing. Argh! We ate our meal minus stuffing and it was already time for me to leave to go to my parents for pie. I think Bryan and I must have exchanged about 2 sentences the whole time but it was enough to help me realize that he was the random dude that added me on Facebook a few weeks before.

There was something about him that I just couldn’t shake so later I accepted his request and sent him a message on the good ol’ FB, “We met at Thanksgiving, no?” And so began a 3 month-long flirtation before our first date.

Looking back I am so grateful that we waited to eat or I would have left before he got there. I’m grateful for the commitment issues I had with every other guy before him so that I wasn’t in a serious relationship. I’m grateful my parents were remodeling their kitchen at such an odd time of year.

Bryan, or The BF, as I usually refer to him as, has been the best partner, friend, lover and co-conspirator I could imagine. Every year I am more and more grateful for this odd holiday (think about it, it’s kind of weird to celebrate being grateful for food by overeating) + our compassionate lifestyle that brought us together.

Now friends, what are you most grateful for today? And don’t forget to join the be happy, link up blog hop!

PS Thanks for hosting Erin!

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