The High Priestess – A Tarot Workbook

the high priestess tarot workbook
The High Priestess – A Tarot Workbook has been in the works for a long time. She has lived in my mind for years, only coming to life over the last twelve months. It shouldn’t have taken so long, but my old friend self-doubt has really slowed things down. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to have this zine complete, printed and bound – it’s pure magic!

Inside The High Priestess Tarot Workbook
I had the same tarot deck for over 15 years, when I finally got a second deck, it took me ages to figure out how to read it because I was so used to my old one. After lots of frustration, I finally got the hang of reading my new deck intuitively instead of memorized meanings.

This zine is so special to  me because it contains all of the exercises that helped me figure out reading tarot intuitively again.

Spine of The High Priestess Tarot Workbook

Each one is printed on my home printer and the binding in hand sewn. I’ve added them to my etsy shop. Of course, the spirit of zines is community, not money. So – I am 100% down to trade (as long as what your offering is vegan/vegan-friendly)  email me if you want to set something up kristiina @ kristiinaanderson . com <3

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