The Joy of Creation: Thoughts on Crafting and my Grandma

I have loved to make things for as long as I can remember. I believe I stayed Mormon as long as I did (the ripe old age of 13), because I loved dragging my mother to Homemaking meeting* so much. She was the opposite. She had no desire to toll paint or learn origami but she was a good sport and took me anyways.

I was lucky because my grandmother was the same way and she actually knew what she was doing. My mom would take me to her house every Saturday and we would work on some craft or the other. We would make pinch pot pottery, felt bouncy balls, dye silk scarves or sew clothes for my dolls. As as adult, while my materials have change since being vegan (no wool, silk or leather), I still love the process of creation.

I love learning a new skill and having a finished product at the end, whether I actually use it or not. I have countless bracelets that I had the time of my life making but never remember to put on in the morning. There is just something about using my hands and then having something to show for my work at the end of it. I love it. I think Marx is right and we REALLY are alienated from our labor in this society. Crafting is just my way of getting it back.

I feel compelled to share all this because with my grandmother in the hospital tonight, it made me think about what a huge role she has played in my life and how much she has inspired and taught me. I don’t know anyone else that can use a hand spindle to make yarn, crochet it into a hat, dip their own candles, make dinner and wear the hat to a homemade candlelit dinner . (Although I’m sure their are some DIY bloggers out there that can, I just don’t know them.) She has given me an incredible skill set and I’m so grateful to her for that.

So readers, this is your fair warning. As KT has less and less time to write this January and I have more and more, you can expect to see less about making dinner and more about making stuff.  I hope you are not disappointed.

*Homemaking meeting is when The Relief Society (women’s group in an LDS church) get together once a month. I haven’t been since I was really young but there would usually be some different crafts you could do and recipe exchange, food and a lesson. I’m sure there was more but I really can’t remember.

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