The Off-The-Grid San Francisco Art Tour

Tenderloin National Forest - Tell Your Stories Here
This obviously isn’t a complete tour, because there is pretty much awesome art around every corner in San Francisco. But these were my favorite stops from my trip to San Fran last week.

The Tenderloin National Forest

I came across the Tenderloin National Forest on Yelp by accident. My local friend had never been there and because someone told my husband we should avoid the Tenderloin, I knew we had to visit. It was closed but the woman watering the gardens let us in to look around. It was absolutely amazing. Make sure you check out their website so you can attend one of their events. I’m dying to go back for one of their monthly events and check out the gallery that runs it, “The Luggage Store”.

Tenderloin National Forest Mural
Tenderloin National Forest Mural

The 16th Street Mosaic Steps
The mosaic tiled 16th Street steps lead to one of the most amazing views. But the steps themselves are worth taking a SLOW walk up. From a distance, you have a beautiful images that starts with an ocean scene at the bottom, then a river coming out of a canyon, the sky, the moon and at the very top, the sun.
!6th Avenue Mosaic Steps San Franicisco

Twin Peaks
So I can’t promise you guys will get views like this and it doesn’t 1000% count as art, but… if you are in San Francisco on a clear day, you are going to want to check out the view from Twin Peaks.
San Francisco Stormy Sky View at Sunset

San Francisco Sunset Twin Peaks

San Francisco Sunset View From Twin Peaks

Now tell me, where are your favorite places to find beauty? If I came to your city, what’s the one place you would send me (or five)?

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