{This 'n That} Black & White & Red All Over

Guys, I cannot stop obsessing over the T by Alexander Wang Neoprene pleated skirt I saw on Gossip Girl. I know I already wrote about it but I keep thinking of all the ways I would wear it. I could wear it with this, pair it with that.
Meat Stinks T tucked into a pleated neoprene skirt

I think it would especially awesome with this Obesity & Speed Meat Stinks shirt, recognize it from anywhere? Yeah it’s another blast from the past, think Darlene Conner.

You can pretty much consider the rest of this post my Xmas wish list, Pamela Love Tribal Spike Necklace, a must. It’s shown with the Dannjio Nicoline Necklace. The boots are Stella McCartney, she won designer of the year, did you hear that? God, I love her. That white sole isn’t just awesome looking, it’s biodegradable. The piece of jewelry at the top of my wish list today is the Pamela Love Pentagram Minicuff, so chic. I must have it.

What do you think, will you don some neoprene?

2 Responses to {This 'n That} Black & White & Red All Over

  1. Love this outfit, especially the mini cuff. Having rheumatoid arthritis it’s hard for me to put on any jewelry with a clasp so I don’t wear a whole lot even though I have a lot. cuffs are easy to put on though for a little oomph to the outfit. Visiting from SITS!