{Vegan Version} Iridescent Pumps

Iridescent Pumps
One of my favorite trends this Spring is all of the iridescent shoes that are popping up everywhere! I especially love the heels. Up top, you see the ULTIMATE in iridescent pumps, Stella McCartney’s version. This is the stuff wet shoe dreams are made of.

Below is much more affordable version from Payless of all places! But I love the gold spin they’ve put on it nonetheless. Both versions are made of man-made materials.

What do you think? Will you give iridescent shoes a spin this season?

11 Responses to {Vegan Version} Iridescent Pumps

  1. I actually like the Payless version way better! But I’m a mary jane fan over standard pumps any day. Also, I’m totally on a gold kick lately. I think I need to take a trip to Payless this weekend.

  2. Those are cute. But I’m more of a ‘flats’ person – lol. maybe they come in a flat – ha ha

    and definitely a Payless one 🙂

  3. Forever 21 also has a ton of those iridescent shoes! I had one in my cart for a bit, then felt guilty because since I walk and bus to work every day, I never really wear my heels. But I’m loving this trend! It reminds me of some shoes I used to own in high school!