{Vegan Version} Leather Sweatpants

There are a couple of statement items you need this Fall/Winter season. One of them, is a pair of leather joggers, AKA leather sweatpants. Luckily, MOST of the ones out right now are actually faux leather. (Yay!) The only real leather pair I’ve seen so far are by Marc Jacobs and are priced at over $900. For most us, that is just too much to spend on a pair of seasonal pants. Not to fear, there are some great alternatives. If you are ready to try the trend, here are six different options that fit very different budgets.
Leather Joggers
I’m not sure why, but I absolutely love the thought of dressing up sweatpants and this style makes it easy. If you aren’t ready to commit to the trend full on, try one of the bottom two pairs that just have leather patches. The top right by Heidi Merrick are my absolute favorite. I love the side slit pockets and how tightly it fits at the ankle.

What do you think? Is it a trend you’ll try?

Right to left, top to bottom the designers and image sources are: Shine // Heidi Merrick // Silence + Noise // Topshop // Lily White // Silence + Noise

6 Responses to {Vegan Version} Leather Sweatpants

  1. Snazzy sweat pants! This is right up my alley! 😛
    The $900 pair better be the most comfortable ANYTHING you have ever put on your body and better make your butt lookamzing…HA!!! Alas, I shall never slip a pair of those bad boys on…. Loved the post.

  2. I love faux leather leggings, they are my favorite. They used to be a popular trend in Sweden/Denmark few years ago and I got loads of them back then…and now these sweatpants are in. The wallet-friendly ones look cute, I would go for that since I need pockets around. Not a huge fan of sweatpants with leather look…I like simple sweatpants!

  3. I don’t think that the full trend is for me but I do love the pair that you do as well. Those seem comfortable and flattering.