White Hot {Mani Monday} Gaia by Zoya

Meet Gaia, the most flattering shade of white nail polish I’ve found to date. It’s not so sheer and shimmery that you feel like a Barbie doll but also not so thick and pasty that it looks like a white-out manicure that you might have given yourself in Elementary school. (I know I did plenty of them.) I’m in love with the color, there is a very slight touch of gold shimmer that makes the color universally flattering. Most whites I’ve come across have silver or blueish tint that looks odd on my skin tone. The gold gives it a warmer cast without turning it into a creme or off-white.

The bubbles are from my top coat, it turns out that manicures given to oneself in the bathtub can come out flawed and may not be as genius of an idea as I originally thought.

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