{WTW} Thanksgiving Edition

If you are at all like me, tomorrow you will be headed to not one, but two thanksgiving dinners. This outfit will get you through the whole day.
What to wear to Thanksgiving Dinner with the Fam
The base of the look is a chunky sweater over leggings, classic. The sweater is 100% acrylic so you won’t itch to death and it’s big enough to cover the thanksgiving bloat. Plus, the toffee color is flattering on everyone. The leggings, or anything with an elastic waistband, are really a given when you are going to be eating a ton. These thermals from Splendid are adorable enough to look like you aren’t hiding in sweatpants. And the fitted bottom will keep the over-sized sweater from looking frump.

This may sound silly but if you are going to be in the presence of kids, you need to come ARMED with bracelets. Trust me, if someone hands you a baby you are going to be happy you’ve got something shiny to play with. People will think you are a natural with the little ones. Pictured here are the CC SKYE Double Header Bracelet and the Citrine by the Stones Large Wire Distressed Cuff.

Now if one of those kiddos runs off with one of your bangles, you are going to be happy that wore a comfortable wedge style boot instead of heeled one. These ones are from Stella McCartney.

Last but not least, you want to make it fancy with a statement necklace like this Dannijo collar. You can’t help but look pulled together with a Peter Pan collar, now can you? The cherry on top is a nice color pop from Navoh with the Nicky bag in red.

Have a safe holiday tomorrow!

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