Face and body paints

The tradition of painting our faces and bodies has come to us since ancient times. People began to paint themselves even earlier than to paint rock paintings. For this, they used clay, ash, chalk, blood or even animal feces, the juice of various coloring plants.

These paints for the face and body were used during all rituals – the birth or death of a person, weddings, hunting, healing from illness, calling the rain. They also painted faces to protect against evil spirits and to intimidate opponents in battle. Various drawings helped to determine a person’s belonging to a particular tribe and his place in the hierarchical ladder.

The customs of ritual painting of the face and body have survived to this day among the indigenous Australian, New Zealand, African tribes and on some islands of the Pacific Ocean.

In the 6th century BC, such a cultural phenomenon as theater was born – for the duration of the performance, the actors were put on a mask of white lead so that they could be better seen by the audience. But the masks could not fully convey the feelings and facial expressions of the actors, and they were replaced with theatrical make-up – a fat dense mass, which included wax, petroleum jelly and mineral substances painted in various colors. In each theatrical era, they used their own makeup technique, improving it, bringing new techniques and colors.

In China, a special culture of theatrical makeup has developed, where each color symbolizes a certain feeling or phenomenon. For example, white is the color of all villains, it symbolizes deception and anger, yellow is cruelty, and in some cases, belonging to the imperial family. Blue means neutrality and firmness in beliefs, green – rage, impulsiveness. Red is the color of positive characters, loyal, truthful, brave. Purple is wisdom and justice. Gold and silver colors show the audience that there is some kind of supernatural being in front of her – a god, a spirit, a demon.


There are two types of paints for face and body near me:

  • – water based. These paints are easy to work with, you just need to dilute them with water to the desired consistency and start creating.
  • – oil-based. This is most often a professional make-up, denser and more resistant.

Today, face and body paints are widely used in various areas of our lives. Here are just a few of the most common ones:

Children holidays. Children will be delighted with a fun costume party, where everyone can dress up as the heroes of various fairy tales, cartoons, comics. And to complement the images will help paints for the face and body. They can draw a mustache and a nose for Cat in Boots, a Spider-Man mask, and many other interesting images at the request of baby pumpkin face paint.

It is better to buy whole sets of face and body paints, usually they include 6 or 12 standard colors. With these sets, you have more room for creativity.

It is also very important for children to buy paints in a special shop for face and body paints, where all the quality certificates will be. So you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality product that will be safe for delicate baby skin, will not cause irritation or other allergic reactions and will not harm the child’s health.

Where are face and body paints applied?

Sports activities. Many fans come to the matches of their favorite sports teams in various suits, hats, wigs, scarves with the symbols of their team. Their faces are painted with national flags or team emblems.

Body art festivals. Actually, any drawings on the face and body are already body art, or rather, only a small part of it. Body art is a form of avant-garde art that emerged in the 60s of the last century. In body art, the object for expressing creativity is the human body. These are not just paintings on the body, but a work of art filled with meaning. The content is revealed not only by drawing, but also by poses, gestures, facial expressions. Body art is often associated with nudity, but this is not entirely true. Drawings can be performed on some parts of the body of a partially dressed model, for example, on the arms.

The founder of this type of body art was the Italian artist Guido Daniele. The master, who was previously engaged in oil painting, now creates incredibly realistic portraits of animals and colorful landscapes on his new “canvases”.

To get a complete picture of this art form, it is worth visiting one of the many festivals that take place every year in many countries around the world. The largest and most popular is held in the Austrian city of Bled.

Photoshoot. If you are a professional photo model, or are just going to master this profession, then you just need photos for your portfolio using body art. This will help you to emphasize your individuality and beauty, as well as show how much you master the art of reincarnation. All this will undoubtedly be a big plus for career development.

If you are actively promoting your account in various social networks, then such photos will add brightness and variety to your page and will be able to attract the attention of potential subscribers.

Evening make-up. If you have to a club or a theme party, you can use face and body paints to complement your look and makeup with a few touches, lines or curls on your face and body that will blend in with your outfit. Masquerade masks drawn with thin lines look very elegant.

Holi holiday. One of the oldest holidays in India, it is mentioned in almost all ancient Indian treatises. The date of the holiday is different every year, falling on the full moon in late February or early March. Thus, Hindus celebrate the beginning of spring and the awakening of nature. The event lasts 5 days, during which people rejoice, have fun, shower each other with colorful powders and pour colored water over each other, for which it received its second name – the Festival of Colors.

There are several legends about the origin of this holiday. One of them is about how the young god Krishna fell in love with a mortal girl, but she did not want to reciprocate because of his unusual appearance. Then Krishna’s mother advised him to paint his faces, his own and the girls, in order to become similar.

On the eve of the holiday, people decorate their homes with garlands and flowers. On the first day, an effigy of the evil sorceress Holiki is burned at the stake (hence the name of the holiday), believing that fire burns everything bad and disperses the evil spirits of winter. Gifts are thrown into the fire – fruits and flowers. After the fire burns out, the ashes are mixed with earth and showered on each other.

On the following days, crowds of painted people walk the streets and all passers-by are generously sprinkled with colored powders, wishing goodness and health. It is believed that the more you are sprinkled with paints, the more good they wished.

Locals make paints and whole sets of face and body paints from ingredients that are safe for health – corn flour, henna, turmeric, sandalwood, and sell them right on the streets.

Holi is also considered the funniest and most colorful in the whole world, so in many countries the Festival of Colors is held just for fun. You can find party paint at any face and body paint store.

Cosplay. Costume play, disguise and transformation into a fictional character – the hero of a computer game, cartoon, film, comic book, book. Usually, the best paints for the face and body are used for cosplay, because cosplay implies a complete immersion in the image of the chosen hero – make-up or face painting, imitation of facial expressions, behavior, gestures, even the voice of the character.

An original gift for two. In shops of face and body paints, you can also buy an original gift for a couple in love or your significant other for a wedding, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. This special set of body paints for two will allow you to create a unique picture of your feelings by painting it with your bodies.

The kit includes: organic dyes of your chosen colors, a protective film to protect the floor of the room from staining, a canvas for a painting and even disposable socks to get to the bathroom after creating a painting.

It is very simple to use the set – spread the protective film and canvas, distribute the dyes on it in random order and create. You can just leave prints of different parts of your bodies, you can fool around, somersaults, do whatever you want, without restrictions, to capture your feelings on canvas. The picture will need to dry for 12 hours, after which you can insert the canvas and hang it on the wall as a symbol of your love.