Oil paint for face and body


Oil paints for face and body are made from various mineral oils, synthetic waxes and coloring pigments. These paints are thicker than water-based paints and harder to work with, but they hold much better and look brighter.

Basically, this is make-up, which is used to make up theater and film actors.

This makeup is not recommended for children under three years old. If you want to arrange a colorful holiday for kids, but face painting does not suit you in terms of its durability, then it is better to use crayons or wax-based pencils. They are easy to use, they can quickly draw different patterns on the faces of small children, or even let the children themselves paint each other.

In order for oil paints for the face and body to hold well, you need to properly prepare the skin. They are applied to clean, dry skin, without any base. If your skin is very dry, you can use a little light moisturizer on the face, let it soak in and blot the rest with a paper towel. After that, you can apply makeup, then powder and sprinkle with a special make-up fixative. This is to ensure that makeup does not float on the stage or in the middle of filming a tense take. Make-up is removed with an oil remover or any other permanent makeup remover.

In addition to the usual pastel paints, there are also fluorescent and fluorescent paints.

Luminescent is a paint with a luminous phosphor pigment. Phosphoric paint is not yet called. Pigment phosphor, as it were, accumulates sunlight, and then gives it back in the dark.

The glow of a fluorescent paint can only be seen under ultraviolet rays. This paint glows brighter and is more affordable. But in daylight there will be no effect from it, therefore body art and face art using such paint are made for nightclubs.

Both pigments are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic, so they are added to body paints, hair and nail varnishes, and acrylic paints.

If you want to try oil painting on your face and body at home, it’s best to get a professional paint kit.

The ccbeauty professional oil paint for face and body is a versatile set of 12 colors and 10 comfortable, high-quality brushes for painting. It is perfect for creating various looks. You can use one color or mix different colors to achieve the desired hue. Brushes of different thicknesses will help you draw any line, blend paint with high quality or apply the base tone evenly. Easily removed with any waterproof makeup remover. Product not tested on animals.

Ucanbe – this brand from the USA specializes in the production of high quality decorative cosmetics and theatrical makeup. The ucanbe athena palette of oil paints for face and body is a bright palette that will allow you to create an unusual look with long-lasting body art or face art. The palette includes 18 shades, including sequins. The paints have a dense texture and good overlapping power. They are worn for a long time, do not crumble or roll, do not float from sweat, high temperatures or direct sunlight.

In no case use artistic watercolors, gouache and acrylic paints for painting on the body, and even more so on the face. They can dry out the skin and cause irritation or redness.

And if you are not very fond of drawing or doubt your artistic talents, we recommend that you purchase a new product – a set of edible face and body paints based on milk, black, and white chocolate. You may not create a masterpiece, but you will definitely get an aesthetic and gastronomic pleasure.