What are the best brushes for face painting


If this is the first time you’ve decided to paint your face with face painting, then one of the first questions you should have asked is which brushes to use? In this article, you will find out which brushes you need and what are their features.

Can you use regular paint brushes for face painting?

Хорошо, что вопрос о кисточках возник у вас раньше, чем вы купили обычные кисти для акварели или гуаши. Обычные кисточки, которые вы можете найти в обычном канцелярском магазине, совершенно не подходят для нанесения аквагрима. Вы ничего не сможете сделать с их помощью.

Рисование на бумаге и на человеческой коже – это два совершенно различных занятия. Вы не можете почистить зубы с помощью, скажем, обувной щетки. Точно так же вы не сможете рисовать на лице с помощью обычных кистей.

What distinguishes the work of a master from an amateur drawing?

The main difference is Clarity and harmony of design. Even good newbie imitators can be easily recognized by uneven strokes, pale watery lines, and lack of balance between the elements of the drawing.

And over and over again the question arises: why on paper do I draw beautifully, but on the face it does not come out very well?

With all the variety of answers, the essence can be reduced to 2 points:

  • professional best face paint brushes
  • constant training

Give the pro bad brushes and he’ll make a candy, but the lead time will increase and the quality of the final product will still suffer. Learn something and do not use it – and again it takes time to recover skills. If you want to learn to dance – learn to walk, it is with the basic movement that all the coolest steps begin!

Face painting is no exception. Works striking in their beauty and skillful execution can be based mainly on the competent use of lines. This article is devoted to them.

When it’s time to master face painting skills, working with lines should come first on your list. In order to quickly and easily create clear and neat lines, you have to pant. But nothing is impossible, especially if you know exactly what and how to do.

The result is highly dependent on the type of brush

Like many other materials in the face painting arsenal, there are many brushes to work with. Most beginners on a budget can neglect quality when making their first purchases of both basic materials and related products.

Ordinary brushes from the speech can not go in principle. A vivid demonstration of their work can be seen performed by girls-volunteers at city holidays, who desperately create canvases by Van Gogh on children’s faces. Believe me, this is not what the customer expects from you.

The best paint brushes for face painting guarantee a professional result

A good job is easier to get done with the high quality professional brushes set than with regular synthetic synthetic brushes (which can cost even more!). Save smartly! You have no idea how many of these artistic brushes are then sent to the dusty shelf, you just have to hold in the hands of prof. brushes and try them in work. And all because they are simply intended for paints of a different type, without taking into account our specifics. The same goes for their service life.

On the forums, you can often find the question, how can you use paint brushes for face painting? If you take proper care of your high quality brushes (use, wash, store and sanitize them correctly), they will serve you faithfully for many years. And even if they begin to slowly lose their shape, there are several ways available to revive them. Perhaps you’ve managed to find a set of good art brushes that suit your work perfectly? Unfortunately, my experience is that cheaper brushes fail faster and require regular replacement. This is what the initially attractive price difference will go to.

Investing in good quality brushes can cost you a pretty penny, but the good news is that they will last you almost forever if handled properly.

What are the best brushes for face painting?

Round brushes are mainly used for working with lines (blobs, curls, spirals, tiger lines, inverse blobs, spots, strokes), as well as for drawing outlines.

My favorite line brushes are the Loew Cornell 795 series (with yellow wooden handles). Also, recently I tried the new Aliyah Round White Taklon 1700 series which I also really liked.

Another candidate you might be looking at is Paint Pal brushes from Silly Farm. Everything that is produced under the watchful eye of Heather Green is of high quality. Heather does her best to provide high quality products to Silly Farm customers. In my personal experience and exceptionally good feedback from colleagues – the brushes are great! I can safely recommend them to you!

Some other great options include Bolt Brushes, Mark Reid Signature Brushes, and Art Factory Studio Brushes.

Professional flat beveled TAG brushes with synthetic bristles are used for applying face painting including split cakes, makeup elements, creating a background, drawing straight lines of different widths, as well as coloring and drawing. These are the best face paint brushes for blending makeup and artistic paints. They will also come in handy for applying TAG’s gorgeous rainbow split cakes (multicolor), allowing you to collect multiple makeup colors at once.

Suitable for creating leaves, flowers, images with smooth edges, including curly petals and work near the eyes. These brushes perfectly grip paint, fit comfortably in the hand, they are resilient and durable.

The Australian company TAG BodyArt produces some of the best paint brushes for face painting and accessories. The company’s products are made from environmentally friendly materials and combine high quality, safety of use and an affordable price.

Knowing exactly what materials and tools work best for you will save you a lot of time, money, and mental health.