What is the best body paint for cosplay?

The term “cosplay” was formed from the combination of the words “play” – to play and “costume” – costume. Cosplay is the making of costumes and transformation into characters of popular films, comics, computer games or books. It is not enough just to be like the chosen character, you need to feel his character, imitate the tone, facial expressions, manner of speech, use similar words and phrases.

No one knows exactly where cosplay began to form as a separate subculture, but in Japan it gained immense popularity, perhaps more than around the world. This is probably due to the traditional Japanese kabuki theater, where the actors also carefully approached the elaboration of the character’s images. The traditions of the theater penetrated so deeply into the culture of the country that they allowed cosplay to smoothly transform into a separate subculture.


In the USA in the 60s of the last century, many social movements and youth subcultures also emerged – freaks, punks, hippies. Young people who strove for self-expression and were fond of comics and fantasy began to dress up as their favorite popular characters. Over time, cosplay has become a diverse cultural phenomenon that is fond of not only young people, but also entire families. Here everyone is one big team, but at the same time everyone feels their individuality, gets understanding and admiration for the created costume and image.

What is cosplay?

Standard and standard with surroundings. The first one implies a costume, make-up and imitation, the second – also the presence of various decorations – weapons, elements of the landscape.


Sometimes cosplay is not prepared for shows and festivals, but for photo shoots. In this case, the image needs to be embodied only with a costume and an atmosphere that the tandem of the photographer and the model can convey.

Craft cosplay

One of the most difficult types – the player creates absolutely everything – a costume, entourage, make-up, with his own hands.

Original cosplay.

The player does not choose a character for himself, but invents it himself. It is necessary to think over to the smallest details not only the image, but also the character, so that the character turns out to be interesting and unique.

Cosplay body art

In this case, the costume is not sewn, but is drawn with paints on the practically naked body of the participant. For such looks, it is advisable to use the best face and body paints for cosplay.

To create almost all images for cosplay, you need not simple makeup, but full-fledged makeup.

White makeup is the basis for many looks, especially in the anime genre, where many characters have unnaturally pale skin.

The best white baby pumpkin face paint for cosplay will help you create realistic vampire, dead bride, skeleton and other characters.

Plus, when using the best white cosplay face paint as a base, your face and body make-up will be much brighter and more realistic.